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FANGORIA sliced its way onto the scene in 1979, becoming the only national publication devoted to the modern horror genre. Three and a half decades later, FANGORIA is still the number one authority on all things scary! FANGORIA provides the best in horror entertainment and news coverage including the website, magazine, film production and distribution divisions, convention circuit, and Dreadtime Stories series hosted by Malcolm McDowell. FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT: We know what scares you!

Rebekah McKendry

Rebekah McKendry is the Director of Marketing for FANGORIA ENTERTAINMENT as well as a staff writer. She has been with FANGORIA since 2004, and began as a research assistant working for FANGORIA RADIO on Sirius XM. Additionally, she is a college professor teaching classes focused on film history and horror films. She has Bachelors degrees in Film and English, a MA in Media Education, a MFA in Film Production, and she is currently completing her PhD in Film Theory focused on horror and exploitation cinema. She also co-hosts a weekly podcast on GeekNation called KILLER POV.

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