Michael Kessler

Michael Kessler is the owner and writer for Bleating Goat Comics out of Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 2010, Bleating Goat Comics has published three titles to date: The action/adventure tale with an animalistic twist Sonora, a psychological thriller and detective story Lucidity, and No Man’s Land, a completely new angle on the ever popular zombie genre. In 2013 Bleating Goat Comics will unveil its newest title Unearthed, an epic global exodus story with an international ensemble cast.

The mission of Bleating Goat Comics is to provide original, intellectually satisfying, and aesthetically pleasing graphic stories addressing the visceral, cerebral, moral, and ethical parallels of a variety of comic book readers to encourage the development of imagination, improve thoughtfulness and rationality, and sustain a loyal readership. Our vision is to be the comic book reader’s default source for unique and compelling stories and complex characters. We see a comic book community that supports creators locally while networking regional scenes nationally. We intend to be the touchstone against whom other comic book creators are compared for their imagination and creation of exciting new stories that challenge readers as much as entertain.

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