Jacques La Grange

Jacques La Grange is a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe and is the creator/artist of “Shadow Wolf.” Jacques began drawing “Shadow Wolf” while working at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Salt River Indian Community out of necessity. “I felt there weren’t enough Native Americans represented in Comic Books,” remembers Jacques. After launching “Shadow Wolf” under the SpazDog Press Label, he slowly started to rally more Native Americans to put out more material. He held his first Native American panel at the Tucson Comic Con alongside Jon Proudstar and Ryan Smith of “Tribal Force” to a small audience. "I was amazed we had eight people!" LaGrange recalled. It was also the first time Jon and Ryan appeared together since their run on “Tribal Force.” "It’s great to see the Native community come out and support new Native talent like Johnny Nelson, Teddy Tso, and Arigon Starr, telling Native Stories by Native People!”

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