Kristen Fitzner Denton

Kristen Fitzner Denton is an accomplished visual artist who has worked in all manner of media including feature film, TV, comics and video games.  In comics she’s worked on classics like Casper, adapted books like the Boxcar Children, to collaborating on projects with industry legend Stan Lee.  Her work on IDW’s GRAVESLINGER led to a Harvey Nomination. For film she’s modeled adorable characters for the Oscar nominated JIMMY NEUTRON movie, terrifying man-eating bugs for STARSHIP TROOPERS: THE ROUGHNECK CHRONICLES, to the monstrous creatures of TREMORS: BACK TO PERFECTION.  In addition she’s worked on Marvel’s SILVER SURFER series as well as Sam Raimi’s series YOUNG HERCULES. Kristen is currently the artistic director for and overseeing a whole line of books aimed at young readers.

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