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Native Tucsonan and Film Making Veteran of 27 years Jon Proudstar has acted in over 35 Motion pictures and television shows. Working alongside actors such as Tim Roth, Xavier Bardiem, Kurt Russel, Val Kilmer, Vigo Mortinson, and Lou Diamond Phillips to name a few.

Jon’s Acting Training began with Actor Val Kilmer (Batman, Tombstone, Top Gun) introducing him to Method Acting on the set of Gore Vidal’s Billy the Kid. Jon would continue his training in LA at Theatre Theatre. The following year he began intense film acting training with the renowned Acting Coach Joan Darling.

In 1998 Jon was one of ten Native Americans chosen for the First Sundance Film Institute’s Writers Lab. In 2005 Jon was selected for prestigious Sundance Film Institutes Director’s Lab where he participated as an actor. During the Directors Lab Jon was mentored by Ed Harris, Phillip Seymore Hoffman and Stanley Tucci, as well as Robert Redford.

Returning from Sundance Jon would Write, Direct, Produce and star in his Award Winning short Dude Vision for an astonishing budget of $147.00. Also in 2005 Jon won the Robert DeNiro/Tribecca Film Festivals Screen Writers Competition for his screenplay Up the River. (Co-written by Andre Cox)

Jon has appeared in four Independently produced films that have been selected for The Sundance Film Festival. In 1996 the cult hit Bodies Rest and Motion, 2006 Goodnight Irene, 2008 Four Sheets to the Wind and 2009 Barking Water.


In 1996 Jon would create the comic book TRIBAL FORCE. It would be hailed as the First all Indian Super Hero Comic book in the history of the United States. In 2009 Tribal Force was inducted into the Smithsonian Institutes Natives In Pop Culture collection.


At the age of 12 Jon created Arizona’s First Peer Mediation group named after MARVEL COMICS book The X-Men. Six years later Jon would become the youngest Counselor in the employment of Charlie Family Care.

With a career spanning over 30 years working with Survivors of Child Molestation and Violent Youth Offenders Jon’s dedication and commitment to the Youth of Tucson, The Pascua Yaqui Tribe and The Tohono O’odaham Nation can only be described as a labor of love.

In 2008 Jon mentored Tohono O’odaham Youth to film the First Tohono O’odaham Zombie Short Film TOXIC TERROR. In 2009 two of Jon’s Youths were chosen to attend THE SUPERFLY FILM MAKING EVENT in Seattle Washington. Only fifty youths are chosen from around the United States. In 2010 two more Youths from TOXIC TERRROR would attend the event as well.


Jon’s first feature film SO CLOSE TO PERFECT has been invited to screen REDFEST (Nov 2012) in Los Angeles, CA. REDFEST is the largest Native American Film Festival in the country.

Jon has been invited to speak at the Iowa State University in April 2012 on Native American Film Makers.

Recently cast in Independent Feature Project COWBOYS & INDIANS as Deputy Horsefeather.  Filming is currently in Tucson Arizona.

Just completed filming on the Post apocalyptic Sci/fi WASTELANDER a Sci-fi Adventure film to be released in Japan May of 2013.

In August of 2012 Jon filmed MOHAWK MIDNIGHT RUNNERS in Toronto Canada.

Currently Jon is developing his all Native Super Hero comic book Tribal Force.

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