Annie Nocenti

Annie Nocenti is unable to attend, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Her journalism has appeared in Details, Utne, HEEB, Stop Smiling, PRINT, Filmmaker, Scenario, and more. She has written about Baluchistan (The Most Expensive Road Trip in the World, Best Travel Writing 2008) and made a documentary about the resistance fighters in Baluchistan (with Wendy Johnson) called The Baluch. Her feature script Taking Chances was produced in 2009. Nocenti is also known for her work in comics, writing Daredevil, editing the X-Men, and creating the characters Longshot, Typhoid, Spiral, Blackheart and many more. Nocenti is currently writing Green Arrow. She was the script editor of The Fifth Night, a screenplay reading series, and the editor of Scenario, a screenwriting magazine. Her series about teaching in Haiti, Goudou Goudou, can be found at

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