MVD Ghostchasers

The MVD Ghostchasers were founded in 1995 and based out of Mesa, AZ.  They added a second investigating team based in Bisbee, AZ in 2007.  Many of the founding members are either employees or past employees of the State of AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).  Through continued research and education, the MVD Ghostchasers have earned the trust and respect of other paranormal investigators throughout Arizona. Members of the team are historians, authors, and lecturers who enjoy sharing their ghostly encounters and paranormal experiences.  They offer ghost hunting workshops for AZ paranormal investigators. They have been featured in Arizona Highway Magazine, Internet Radio and several local TV newscasts and newspapers about Arizona hauntings. Members have filmed for's "Streets of Fear" and Travel Channel's "Ghost Stories".  The MVD Ghostchasers are the coordinators of the amazing "Cemetery Crawl".  They organize and present "Dining Among the Dead" at fundraiser for the Pioneer and Military Memorial Park cemetery.

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