Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel is unable to attend.

Screenwriter Morgan Gendel has written or produced more than 200 episodes of primetime TV. He won the 1992 Hugo Award for what is perhaps his best-known work, “THE INNER LIGHT,” the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that is consistently ranked by fans as the #1 favorite TNG episode. Gendel’s sci-fi/comic credits as writer and/or Executive Producer include “The Dresden Files,” MTV’s “Spider-Man,” several “TekWar” TV movies starring William Shatner and additional episodes of both Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. He is currently writing the graphic novel Hellana in partnership with Stan Lee and his treatment for sci-fi thriller The Tenth Plague is in development as a feature with MissionEntertainment. His presentation this year will explore “The Search for Kamin,” a combination of clips from “The Inner Light” and panels from the fan-fic graphic novel sequel, “THE OUTER LIGHT.” The latter was designed to bring closure to Picard’s theater-of-the-mind life and loss on the planet Kataan. The presentation will also include a first-ever sneak preview of Hellana.
Gendel will be available throughout the convention to speak with fans and will be autographing authentic Ressikan Flutes he hand-makes and which have been designated Official Star Trek Prop Replicas by Roddenberry Entertainment.
Schedule coming soon.
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