Michael Forest

Mike Forest has been working in the entertainment business – film, television, radio, theatre – since he was in his teens!  He has appeared in hundreds of television episodes, dozens of feature films, appeared on Broadway, in regional theatre and in local Los Angeles theatre – and voiced many hundreds of characters for animation (anime) and replaced voices (dubbing) in features and for television both here and in Europe.  In addition to his enormous list of credits in the United States, he also built up a huge resume of work in Europe, having spent 10 years living in Rome.  Michael filmed not only in Italy, but also in Spain, Yugoslavia, North Africa, on the CBC in Canada,  and other areas.

One of Michael Forest’s signature performances was the God Apollo in the Original Star Trek Series episode “Who Mourns For Adonais.”  It plays on the Sci Fi Channel constantly and is one of the series’ most respected episodes.  His motorcycle riding alien in “Black Leather Jackets” on The Twilight Zone is another episode that hits the tv airwaves often.  Now that so many of the early television programs are available on dvd, a number of the huge catalogue of Westerns he shot in the 50s and 60s are starting to run on television.  GUNSMOKE, HERE COME THE BRIDES, BONANZA, BRANDED, DANIEL BOONE, LAREDO, RAWHIDE, THE VIRGINIAN, LARAMIE, WAGON TRAIN and of course the film, 100 RIFLES, which brought him to Europe in the first place.  And there are so many more.  Michael co-starred in a recurring role (with Roger Moore) on THE ALASKANS; he did the pilot for IT TAKES A THIEF, twice; GILLIGAN’S ISLAND, GET SMART, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.too, too many to mention here.  In addition to other Soap Opera’s in which he appeared, Mike ran three years as a regular on HOW THE WORLD TURNS.  His anime characters are on-going and there are already at least four pages of titles on imdb now – one of his favorite characters was a running part on POWER RANGERS (Olympias).  His most recent television appearances were on ALIAS and COLD CASE. Check him out on imdb – 12 pages of credits – and that isn’t all there is!!!   http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0286129/

Michael’s theatre credits span almost 60 years.  He co-starred on Broadway in BREAKFAST WITH LES AND BES, he starred (understudied and went on for Frank Langella) in PICTURES AT AN EXECUTION at the Mark Taper Forum, played the leads in numerous Shakespearean plays at the Old Globe in San Diego, Milwaukee Rep, Seattle Rep and others.  He has starred and co-starred in many Los Angeles, San Jose, and Seattle theatrical productions

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