Arne Starr

Former DC comics Artist/Inker (Star Trek TNG and TOS, and more), and Marvel as well (Spider-man books), Arne Starr has gone off to Hollywood having been trained as an actor by Star Trek veteran, the late Mark Lenard (Sarek, Spock’s dad). Many years on stage in CT and FL before heading for Californy continued the learning process and once there, rather quickly ended up taking up featured background parts in many shows such as Attending Physician Arne for 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, The Artist on the 1st three seasons of Mad Men, The Tailor on the first three seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles, and currently can be seen as a resident of Bluebell on the show Hart Of Dixie’s in its 2nd season. Also was very featured in the recent film The Master. And still gets to do the art as the Police Sketch Artist on the last and current seasons of Castle, plus briefly on both seasons of Revenge, on camera too. Has contributed art to many shows, and being on and off camera, for No Ordinary Family, Medium, It’s Always Sunny, Greek, Weeds, Rizolli And Isles and more. And did get to come full circle back to Trek, thanks to a cameo as a red-shirted Lt Cmdr Engineering thanks to JJ Abrams in Star Trek (2009).

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