Michele Specht

Playing Starfleet's first ever ship's counselor, Dr. Elise MacKenna in Star Trek Continues, Michele is also known to Sci-Fi fans as insane bounty hunter Red in Fallout: Nuka Break, and as Betty the Manipulation Core in the Portal-based Aperture R&D.

Her television work includes appearances on CSI: NY, New Girl, Disney's Kickin' It, as well as her series regular role Katie in the sit-com I Hate My 30s. Her feature film work includes co-starring in The Last Godfather with Harvey Kietel, Politics of Love with Brian White and Loretta Divine, and The Columbian Connection with Tom Sizemore. She has voiced roles in animated films such as Dreamwork's Madagascar: Escape to Africa, in animated series like Cartoon Network's MAR as Pano, in several video games including Dynasty Warriors: 7 as Wang Yi, and in several of anime's best loved series including Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Claymore.

Michele began her career with classical training, earning degrees in both Theater and Classical Music, but her Los Angeles career started in sketch comedy. While currently making a living in TV and film appearances, voice acting, and commercials, she first spent 10 years creating and performing original characters, sketches, musicals, and short films around LA and beyond - including the HBO Comedy Workspace and comedy festivals. 

She lives in Los Angeles and spends most of her time on set being told in various forms: "Great - now turn it down a notch."

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