Marat Mychaels

Marat grew up in Los Angeles CA, where he first fell in love with comics working as a store clerk at the Golden Apple comic book store. At 13 while at a local comic book convention he met another aspiring young artist Rob Liefeld (16 at the time) the two struck up a friendship and kept in touch. Years later as Rob Liefeld was working on Marvel Comic’s New Mutants he hired on a fresh out of high school Marat as his assistant. It didn’t take long before Rob realized Marat was ready to step up and start penciling his own book…thus he offered Marat Brigade.  Marat has had a long and successful career in both comic books and freelance graphic design.  He has worked at Marvel Comics on titles such as  X-Force:Shatterstar and  Deadpool Corp, and a  number of DC 52 titles including Hawk and Dove and Grifter. He currently resides in Brea, CA where he freelances as a graphic designer and comicbook illustrator. Marat is currently working on his creator owned projects Blindside and Notti & Nyce published by Contraband Comics.

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2314, 2316
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