Scorpius Dance Theatre

Scorpius Dance Theatre's requisite haunt of the Fall season, A Vampire Tale, is tersely touted as “the ‘Nutcracker’ of Halloween.”  Voted BEST DANCE PRODUCTION, BEST DANCE COMPANY & BEST DANCE COLLECTIVE by Phoenix New Times, Scorpius reprises this signature cult classic every October in Phoenix, AZ, making 2013 the 10TH year running for the show. Created by award-winning choreographer, Lisa Starry, A Vampire Tale indulges audiences with all the trimmings…DARK and SEXY drama, QUIRKY and COMEDIC episodes, and VISUALLY STUNNING aerial feats. 

This very popular, ever-evolving, original dance production pre-dates all the current pop-culture vampire phenomena; however, Scorpius is quite happy (and feels privileged) to be riding this vampire wave.


Only here on Friday and Saturday!
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