Wayne Anderson

Wayne Anderson, born and raised in Ft. Myers, FL. Where he made full body creature suits in his garage as a hobby for Halloween costume contest when wanting to learn the fine art of application, Wayne applied for and won The Dick Smith Legends of Makeup Scholarship that sent him to Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles, California. Before graduating the 18 week course Wayne was hired by Legendary Makeup and Animatronic Master Rick Lazzarini at the famous ?The Character Shop?. Where Wayne worked on a few National Commercials and did creature suit work for a Fiber One Chewy bars commercial, just a month after that, Wayne was casted to be on the SyFy channels reality show Face Off and was a finalist out of 14 other makeup artist. Glenn Hetrick a judge on the show said ??His sculpting is mind numbing.?? Glenn said. ??I can?t recall anyone before him sculpting as fast, as good and as detailed.? As well as fellow judges Ve Neill and Neville Page were both amazed by Wayne?s sculpting and originality. Wayne lives in California with his wife. He is a freelance makeup artist and creature designer, continually making creature suits and makeups.

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