Kathryn Cramer

Kathryn Cramer lives with her children, Peter and Elizabeth, in a house overlooking Lake Champlain in Westport, New York. She has a store on the main floor of the house called Champlain Avenue that sells books, clothing, and home furnishings. Stop by. Her story ?Am I Free to Go?? was recently published on Tor.com. With Edward Cornell, she is currently at work on a film adaptation of her story ?You, in Emulation? which was published in Nature in 2011. She has co-edited approximately 30 anthologies. She was a founding editor of The New York Review of Science Fiction, and has a large number of Hugo nominations in the Semiprozine category to show for it. She won a World Fantasy Award for her anthology The Architecture of Fear (1987). In the Westport, NY area she is known for her photography. For a while, she would get up every morning before dawn to photograph the sunrise. (This was tough in the month of June). In her spare time she is learning to run an orchard and play the mandolin. She has recently been into making poetry collages that she reads at the poetry open mic in Essex, NY. She is one of the editors of Hieroglyph.

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