Tiffany Brouwer

Tiffany Brouwer is a multi-talented American Actress and singer/songwriter who, began her career at the age of 4 dancing and singing in school productions and local talent shows. Tiffany then was picked by MTV to star in the show Becoming Nelly Furtado, Tiffany's natural charm and beauty quickie caught the attention of agents and managers. Soon Tiffany found herself working non stop on TV shows like Bones, CSI, How I met Your Mother, Drake & Josh, NCIS, andEntourage.  As well as acting in feature films such as The Help, White Space, Jonas Brothers 3D, Monster School andCon Games. A native of North Carolina Tiffany eventually moved to Los Angels as the acting jobs started pouring in. Once in L.A Tiffany befriended writer producers Jace Smith and Bruce Foster and so began her singing career. Together they would write, record, and perform. With their combined talent they began writing and recording Tiffany's first CD. 

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