Leonard C. McLeod

Leonard C. McLeod is a producer, writer and president And Dark Sky Pictures LLC.  Born in Berkley, CA and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Leonard had his first photo published at 14.  That led him to attend Northern Michigan University and the University of Maryland to study Photography, Criminal Justice and of course film.  A photographer for over 40 years, Leonard is also a decorated U.S. Army Veteran, and has been a law enforcement officer with both city police and the Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation in California. Len has also received multiple appointments from California Constitutional Officers, including the Governor.

In 2003 Len, formed Highlander Films LLC, his first film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Remix, (Staring Doug Jones, Neil Hopkins, Richard Herd, Daman krall, Judson Morgan) was entered at Screamfest LA and received 3 Awards including the festival award.  After being released in distribution in 2007 Highlander Films received a Saturn Award for Best DVD release.  Leonard has since gone on to produce 6 more features including the festival award-winning movie Godspeed.   Since then Leonard has started a second company, Dark Sky Pictures LLC that has just finished its first and second features.  Dark Sky Pictures has also shot several TV pilots and produced several industrial commercials, which Leonard has both produced and directed.  Dark Sky Pictures LLC along with Monster School Project LLC is in production of its first Graphic Novel and Motion Comic entitled Monster School, which Leonard created and Co-wrote.  Monster School has over 40 actors of Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy attached.   Monster School is also in pre production for a live action feature film, directed by Joe Dante.

Leonard McLeod imdb http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1780191/

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