Zachary Jernigan

Hi! I'm Zack, a 33-year-old writer from Northern Arizona.
      My first novel, No Return, is a science fiction/fantasy tale filled with sex, violence, looming middle-age angst, and people in weird skintight costumes (including one capricious god). It came out in March of 2013 from Night Shade Books, and has been reviewed in a lot of cool places by people much cooler than me.
      The sequel, Shower of Stones, is forthcoming n 2015.
      My short fiction has appeared in a variety of places, including Asimov's Science FictionCrossed Genres, and Escape Pod. I've been nominated for the Pushcart a couple times and shortlisted once for the Spectrum Award. I released my first collection, The Bottom Of The Sea, independently at the end of 2013 to generous reviews. 

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