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Amara is an Arizona native, cosplayer, and aspiring writer and photographer. She officially began cosplaying in 2005, creating many costumes since. More recently she has begun assisting and running panels at local conventions. Along with her friends, she hopes to bring entertainment and fun to these panels, while also being helpful to those hoping to learn from them!

Here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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Developed by the Israeli Defense Forces during violent and tumultuous times, Krav Maga in Tempe is an easy-to-learn combat system that EVERY man, woman and child could deploy. It’s currently used by civilians, as well as law enforcement agencies, Military and S.W.A.T. teams around the world.

Regardless of your age, gender or fitness level, you can train to become a powerful, confident and “street-smart” fighter. You will be taught natural, intuitive moves to disarm, immobilize and counter-attack your opponent in confrontational situations.
As an official training center for Krav Maga Alliance, we are certified “experts in self defense”. We TRAIN using proven and effective REAL WORLD applications that give kids and adults alike the skills and information to protect themselves in all sorts of situations.
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The Renegades (also known as the Rogue Panelists) is easily one of the craziest and most diverse groups currently on the con scene. Sit in on one of their panels and you will understand they’re not your ordinary panel group. As a matter of fact, it’s very rare to remain seated in a Renegade panel. As you experience emotions ranging from shock to amusement, to utter hilarity, you will be transported deep into the heart of anime and otaku culture. So prepare yourselves for a journey, but only if you dare, for once you pass the threshold there will be no turning back!

Here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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From a lovable alien frog and nerdy kid who sees paranormal activity to heir of the Death Meister Academy and a red headed personification of the country of Italy, Todd Haberkorn has created unique voices for a variety of characters for cartoons and video games. Add to this a healthy production life in front of and behind the camera as well as partaking in theatre arts on stage, and he's had the pleasure of a wonderful career in the entertainment industry thus far. Let's hope it continues to grow for many years to come!

Here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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