Convention Policies

The Purpose of the Phoenix Comicon Convention Policies are to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of our attendees, guests, staff, volunteers, and exhibitors while working in conjunction with federal, state, and local laws along with the policies of the Phoenix Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency.

Phoenix Comicon reserves the right to revoke the membership badge of anyone found in violation of these policies. Any violation which involves activities prohibited by law will result in notification of the proper authorities.

Membership Fees/Badges

  • Membership fees are non-refundable
  • Badges must be worn and visible at all times. Individuals without badges will not be allowed in convention space.
  • Acceptance of a Phoenix Comicon membership badge and admission to the convention constitutes an agreement to allow Phoenix Comicon, its agents, or assignees to use your image and/or likeness for advertising or promotion by the Phoenix Comicon by any media now known or hereafter devised.
  • It is unlawful to duplicate Phoenix Comicon membership badges.
  • Each badge admits one person to the Phoenix Comicon.
  • Badges are non-transfereable and non-replaceable.


Service and assistance animals are permitted in all public areas and at all times. No other animals will be permitted in convention space.


As a licensed liquor establishment, the Phoenix Convention Center is governed by Arizona law which prohibits the possession of firearms at the Phoenix Convention Center by any person other than a law enforcement officer. Personal possession of firearms is therefore prohibited, including concealed and non-concealed firearms and weapons.


Please refer to the Phoenix Comicon Weapons Policy for complete information about props/weapons.

Please see page 2 of the costume policy: HERE


All children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult (18+) at all times.


Daily curfew hours for the city of Phoenix are from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. for children 15 years old and younger and midnight to 5 a.m. for 16 and 17 years old. Curfew hours apply seven days a week year round. Children that are on legitimate business authorized by a parent or guardian, or in the care and custody of another adult, are not in violation of the curfew ordinance. Phoenix city ordinance code (pcc 22-3) places responsibility on parents and guardians to supervise their juvenile children and to take custody of them if they violate curfew.


Phoenix Comicon is not liable for missing belongings. Lost and Found is located at the Phoenix Comicon Information Desk at the Convention Center.

Distribution of fliers and other materials

There will be no distribution or fliers or other materials without prior approval of Phoenix Comicon. Fliers and other materials left in convention space without approval will be discarded.

Convention Behavior

The following behaviors are not allowed at Phoenix Comicon:

  • Disruptive or unsafe behavior that disturbs attendees, staff, guests, or exhibitors
  • Sleeping in convention space
  • Physical or verbal harassment of staff, guests, exhibitors, or other attendees
  • Destruction or defacement of Convention Center or hotel property
  • Sexual misconduct such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment
  • Unwanted touching without permission of the individual such as glomping, hugging, etc.
  • Any activity prohibited by law

Hotel Space

  • Hotel elevators are for hotel guests and convention staff only. Please do not loiter in hotel elevators.
  • Please behave respectfully in the hotel space and take care not disturb non-convention hotel guest. Convention attendees who are found disturbing other hotel guests on hotel property are subject to disciplinary action, including revocation of membership badge.


Amplified music is prohibited in convention space.


Dancing is not permitted in the Exhibitor Hall at any time. Dancing is not permitted in hallways or walkways. If you would like to dance, please do so outside in an open area that does not disrupt convention activity.


  • The construction and display of signs by attendees is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to such signs as "Free Hugs", "Will Yuri for Yaoi", or "Glomps for Cash". Attendees carrying such signage will be warned and have the sign confiscated. Phoenix Comicon staff reserves the right to revoke the badges of attendees carrying such signs. Signs that are a necessary part of a costume may be permitted with the approval of convention staff. For questions regarding acceptable signs, please contact:
  • The posting of signs is prohibited in all convention space.


  • When taking pictures, please be conscious of traffic around you and do not block walkways for extended periods.
  • Please be considerate and ask before taking pictures of other attendees, guests, or staff.


  • Above all, Phoenix Comicon is a family-friendly event. Please exercise modesty when wearing your costume. If Phoenix Comicon staff feels your costume is too revealing or offensive to other attendees, you may be asked to change. If you have questions about what is acceptable, please contact: .
  • All cosplayers must have a clear line of sight while wearing their costumes.
  • Shoes are required to be worn while in convention space. You may remove your shoes for photos if desired, but they must be replaced directly after the photo is taken.
  • Roller Skates/Blades may not be worn inside Convention Center or hotel.
  • If your costume has pieces that extend from it (wings, spikes, armor, etc.) or you are carrying a large prop, please be aware of your surroundings and of people around you. You may be asked to change your costume or remove your prop from convention space if it is found to be disruptive or dangerous.
  • Please do not block doorways, walkways, or exits with your costume, props, or costume pieces.

For additional guidelines, please see the costume policy HERE