Zombie Walk

Date: Friday May 24, 2013
Time: Staging begins at 7:45PM / Walk starts at 8:15pm
Location: SE Corner of Monroe and 3rd Streets
 Presented by FilmBar 
Claw your way out of the grave and stagger to downtown Phoenix for the 6th Annual Phoenix Comicon Zombie Walk.  Come shuffle along the route with the legions of zombies, bravely contained by the Department of Zombie Defense. If you’re woefully alive that day, zombify yourself at the Get Your Zombie On make-up panel (6-8pm). And stay for the night’s other horrific activities – the Zombie Beauty Pageant (9pm) and Monster Bash (11pm).
Staging begins: 7:45pm / Walk starts: 8:15pm. Staging will be outside the North Building of the Phoenix Convention Center (on SE Corner of Monroe and 3rd Streets).
Planned Route
Here is the map of the planned walk.



Zombie Walk Rules

- The ‘haunted house’ rule applies, in that you are not to touch anyone. Do not push, grab, pull, bite, etc. anyone.

- Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. This event co-exists with the general public and is not a haunted house attraction that people paid to be scared at. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations with other participants and spectators.

- Please do not touch things (i.e. cars, buildings, windows, store fronts, etc.) during the walk. Be respectful of the hosting public and private properties by keeping your hands – and blood and make-up – to yourself.

- Stay within the designated route. Do not stray into traffic or onto light rail tracks. We will have police assisting with traffic. Blocking traffic on your own is illegal and anyone doing so could be arrested.

- The walk, like Phoenix Comicon overall, is a family-friendly event. So please keep language kid-appropriate at all times. Costumes with nudity are not permitted – for legal reasons as well.

- Under-age participants should have a parent or guardian present.

- No littering, destruction of property or any other illegal activity. Pretend Downtown is your own neighborhood and show the utmost respect. We are very proud of this behavior of participants in this annual event and we want to keep that trend. Remember, the media will be watching us, along with city representatives and police, so let’s make sure it’s good coverage.

- No drugs or alcohol permitted. You will be asked to leave (or be arrested) if you show up drunk or impaired.

WEAPONS POLICY (see also Phoenix Comicon Weapons Policy)

- NO real weapons. Again NO real weapons. And any costume prop weapons should be clearly fake or tagged/banded. Brightly colored or orange-capped toy guns are the visual standard.

- We will have volunteers checking and banding props. If it is even slightly questionable whether your knife, axe, gun, etc. is real and it has not been banded, you will be asked to leave. A better option is to leave it at home.

- Do not point or threaten anyone with any weapon. It doesn’t matter if it is fake or banded clearly – you will be asked to leave. We have law enforcement professionals and volunteers escorting and directing the Walk.

- Safety is everyone’s top priority and any prop weapon misuse is not permitted in this event.

HAVE FUN! Clearly, the only purpose of a Zombie Walk is to have fun...so don't miss the point by causing or getting caught up in drama. Come dressed up with a spectacular costume and play the zombie role! Make this year’s walk one you will remember and laugh about for decades!

Also, the walk is a loop around Downtown, just shy of a mile. It should take less than an hour to complete and officially ends at 9:15pm. But don’t let the fun end there – come to the Zombie Beauty Pageant at 9pm and stay for the Monster Bash at 11pm!