A ship is only as good as its crew, a great journey requires companions. Does your crew aim to misbehave or uphold the prime directive?

Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown has been a long standing Phoenix Comicon tradition. For the first ever Fan Fest, we wanted to try something new. P.U.G.S. MULTIPLAYER!

10 of the Nerdiest and Geekiest Teams will be completing to conquer their foes in the awesome heads-to-head team based competition. The teams will have to work together across all thing Geek to earn the title of Geek Champions.

When in Time and Space will this awesomeness occur?

PUGS is free to behold, and we encourage everyone to chime in with their take on the many different issues that will be up for debate.

PUGS Multiplayer, the site of this team based onslaught:
Time: Saturday, December 13, 6:00pm
Where: Fiesta Bowl Press Conference Room

Are you Ultimate Geek enough to compete?

If you’re coming to Phoenix Comicon (and if you’re not, you lose your Geek cred right there), then it’s free to enter! Just visit our PUGS signup form and cast your hat into the ring.

Have some Geek-Fu ideas to share?

We’re looking for great debate questions in the areas of Gaming, Sci-Fi, Movies, Anime, Comics, Tech, Horror, and many more. If you think you have some fun questions from an area you really know well, submit them to our question idea page. The more creative, quirky, and thought-provoking the better!
If you have any other questions, comments, or ideas just email jonathan@lightningoctopus.com
Somewhere out there is a team of Ultimate Geeks. Is it you and your friends?