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Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2015

Thank you for your interest. Submissions are now closed for this year's Phoenix Comicon Film Festival. We will reopen submissions for 2016 later this year. In the meantime, stay tuned as we will update this page after this year's con with the winners for 2015!

The Phoenix Comicon Film Festival is Arizona's premiere festival for genre fare. With four days of non-stop feature films and shorts showing in multiple rooms you will witness the talents of filmmakers around the world. Past winners have gone on to have their films noticed and distributed by major producers.

We welcome not only genre fare such as horror, science fiction and fan films - documentaries, comedy, drama, crime thrillers, animation, family films and music videos have been among our past winners.

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Phoenix Comicon Film Festival 2014

Thanks to all of our filmmakers for participating this year!!!

Our winners for this year’s Film Festival…
- Best of Festival: Brett Culp and Josh Costella for "Legend Of The Knight"
- Best Acting: Abraham Benrubi, Steve Crawford, Mary Guilliams, Kent Harper, Jordan Thompson for "The Ghost Light"
- Best Action: Hissoni Johnson for "Grayson: Earth One"
- Best Animated: Devin Gallagher for "No Strings Attached"
- Best Cinematography: Schism
- Best Comedy: Jaime Rivera for "Bright Eyes"
- Best Director: David Cave for "Dystopia St."
- Best Horror: David Melendez for "Rat Catching"
- Best Science Fiction/Fantasy: Arthur Vincie for "Found In Time"
- Best Script: Terminus
- Best Superhero: Vincent Tran for "Girl Of Steel"

Our winning entries for our competitions this year: 2014 Phoenix Comicon Film Challenge Winner - N'Raged Media for "Fists In Flight" and 2014 Phoenix Comicon Short Screenplay Competition Winner - DaVaun Sanders for "Vault Of Souls"

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