Zombie Beauty Pagent Registration

Zombie Beauty Pageant Rules

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Contestants must be 16 years of age or older and must have a Phoenix Comicon Membership (Admission to Convention). Zombies are required to pre-register by submitting this form. Night-of applicants will be taken on a first come first serve basis and this is dependent on space availability.


Zombies are required to check in between 9pm to 11:30pm on Thursday June 5th, 2014 at the Sheraton Valley of the Sun room, 340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (contestants participating in the Zombie Walk will be accepted after the walk).

Pageant Format

The Zombie Beauty Pageant will begin at 9:00pm and run until 11:30pm. During the pageant you will be judged on the following:

  • Walk the cat walk:Strut your stuff and show the judges and audience how zombilicious you are
  • Question/Answer:You will be asked a simple zombie related question that you will need to provide an answer for
  • Talent Act:Zombies must prepare a 2 minute act. Zombies without an act will not be eligible to compete. If your act requires music please bring the music file on an MP3 Player (e.g. iPod) - Phoenix Comicon is not responsible for media that will not play, please test your track before the competition

Pageant Rules

  • Zombies must not damage and or do harm to the facilities at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Any Zombies that damage the Ballroom (through their costume and or actions) will be instantly disqualified.
  • Any Zombies performing lewd acts or using foul language will be instantly disqualified.
  • No liquids, messy substances, pyrotechnics or anything that may pose a danger is allowed on stage. Unsheathing of bladed weapons is not allowed without clearance from the Zombie Beauty Pageant Coordinator or Horror Manager.
  • Items cannot be thrown into the audience
  • When you leave the stage, everything you brought on stage must leave with you. We will not be cleaning up body parts or brains between contestants. That is your responsibility.
  • No nudity. Body paint is allowed but bikini areas must be covered with clothing.

The Horror Manager and Zombie Beauty Pageant Coordinator reserve the right to ask pageant contestants to make alterations to their costume per the rules. If alterations are not made, the Horror Manager or Coordinator reserves the right to refuse a contestant's participation.

The Horror Manager or Coordinator may reject an entry on the basis of unsafe behavior or content, limit for entries has been reached or inappropriateness.

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