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Developed by the Israeli Defense Forces during violent and tumultuous times, Krav Maga in Tempe is an easy-to-learn combat system that EVERY man, woman and child could deploy. It’s currently used by civilians, as well as law enforcement agencies, Military and S.W.A.T. teams around the world.

Regardless of your age, gender or fitness level, you can train to become a powerful, confident and “street-smart” fighter. You will be taught natural, intuitive moves to disarm, immobilize and counter-attack your opponent in confrontational situations.
As an official training center for Krav Maga Alliance, we are certified “experts in self defense”. We TRAIN using proven and effective REAL WORLD applications that give kids and adults alike the skills and information to protect themselves in all sorts of situations.
Link: http://eastvalleykravmaga.com/
Only here on Saturday!
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Only here on Friday and Sunday!
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Get ready to read this summer with the Phoenix Public Library! Make a button, and other fun activites! Find them in the South Building near the Art Room.

Here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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The DREAD Fleet is comprised of five ships, each specializing in a spectrum of pirate talents; belly dancing, sword fighting, living chess matches, stage shows, contra dancing, and all manner of pirate history! Our ships sail Arizona executing educational and entertaining performances. If ye think us merely a sailor’s grog induced ramblings, we beg you visit when we make port at Phoenix Comic Con. Our adventures promise to amuse and may entice the wayward free-booter!

Here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
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