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Ivy Doomkitty is an International Costumer/Cosplayer, Host, Artist, and Figure Model for comic book artist/writer, Frank Cho, based in Los Angeles. She is also an avid gamer on both PC and Xbox 360.  Ivy has been attending conventions for many years, before deciding to take the plunge by showing her fandom through cosplay.

She now uses this new found passion to create her own costumes and use them to bring to life her favorite characters from gaming and comics as well as creating a positive impact in the cosplay community. She strives to show others in the community that you can do something you love, regardless of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, body shape/size.

Ivy was recently the Featured Cosplayer on the Premier Episode of the webseries, "Cospladies", a short documentary on the trials, tribulations, and love of cosplay. Ivy is also a member of the West Coast Avengers/Avengers Initiative, taking part in charity events in Southern California.

Ivy heavily promotes the art of Cosplay at every convention that she is a guest at, including participating in panels, judging the costume contest, and meeting many fans that are interested in starting in the craft.  In the past, she has interviewed some incredible talent, including Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno, Arthur Suydam, Michael Golden, and more.

She has also written comic book reviews, co hosted Cosplay Con, in addition to presenting and hosting the costume contest.

Ivy also handles promotions and cosplay talent coordination for Big Wow! Comicfest.

Ivy has been a Guest at multiple conventions, Judged costume contests, as well as participated as a Guest Panelist, with more coming soon for 2014.

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Steven K Smith (aka SKS Props) makes his living as a premier cosplay artist and full time prop maker in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been obsessed with video games for years and began to take games to a whole new level by crafting characters' iconic props and costumes back in 2012. His props and award winning costumes have been seen worldwide and featured on numerous cosplay and geek websites. One of Smith's latest works is a set of Dragon Age Inquisitor armor deemed so accurate it was flown to Norway and used in Lindsey Stirling's official Dragon Age music video.

He is known for giving back to the cosplay community by sharing lots of progress pictures and walkthroughs on sites like Facebook, Instructables, and The Replica Prop Forum. Be sure to keep up with Steven's work on his Facebook prop page and on Twitter and Instagram.

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