horror Programming for Comicon 2015

Location: West 213 B

Ever have a question for the Five Nights at Freddy's crew? Want to talk about theories? Well, come on down to the Five Nights At Phoenix Comicon panel where we'll have a lovely chat, play games and have a whole lot of fun! We Love to entertain!

who'll be here No panelists scheduled at this time.
Location: West 211AB

Come join Arizona's own Thrill The World group as they teach you, step by step, how to dance Michael Jackson's Thriller! Amaze your friends (Human or Zombie) with your thrilling new dance moves, no mere mortal can resist!

who'll be here No panelists scheduled at this time.

A retrospective look at the making of Michael Jackson's ground breaking music video and album Thriller. Get a behind the scenes tour of the film makers, make up effects, dancers, musicians and artists responsible for creating some of the most influential music and images of all time. Stick around, immediately following will be the "Dance The Thriller Panel" to teach you all the dance moves. 

who'll be here
  • Jason Alofs
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